Waiting List 2019

This list is in alphabetical order and does not show your actual place in line. If you believe you are on the waiting list and your name is not listed below please contact Van Gaskins by text message or email. (c) 432-517-0169, Email: vgaskins@hotmail.com

Final Payment for the Paticipants in the shoot is 6-15-19
Once I know the Participants that Drop out for the 2019 shoot I will be contacting the people on the wating List in the order of the date I was contacted to be placed on the waiting list.
If you have not sent in a registration form please contact us. I have sent eveyone a registration form that is on this list.

Allen,  Marshall yes
Barbee, Brady no
Barbee, Madison no
Barboza, Christian Yes
Beau Chachere no
Bohl, Wesley no
Bowlan, Nate Yes
Bowling, Clara Yes
Brazil, Matthew yes
Brock Young no
Brookelyn Livanec no
Bryans, Sam yes
Bynum, Starr yes
Callie Welty yes
Cash Ballard yes
Coates  Brandon yes
Cody Tallant no
Conner Wallace yes
Cox, Caden no
Cruce, Luke yes
Dana Kutz no
Denton co 4-h no
Denton co 4-h no
Denton co 4-h no
Denton co 4-h no
Denton co 4-h no
Denton co 4-h no
Ethan Robinson yes
Garza, Anthony Jr yes
Gaskins, Tye yes
Gates, Wyatt yes
Gilmore   Patty no
Harmon, Kaleb yes
Hartsell, John yes
Hayden Paul no
Holland Dustin yes
Hollar, Judd yes
Jaydan Smith no
Kelly, landon yes
Kipp, Grayson yes
Laura Caswell no
Lee, Matthew yes
Ligon, Cade yes
Ligon, Rode yes
Lively, Makaela yes
Lotz,  Logan yes
Lusk    Mike no
Mason Boyles yes
Mayfield, Braden yes
Morton, Jake yes
Reagan Royer no
Saenz, Christian yes
Saenz, Mikaela yes
Sandra Hudspeth no
Slayer, Gentry yes
Slayer, Glen yes
Smith, Ross yes
Spires,Heather yes
Squires, Colton yes
Squires, Joshua yes
Stewart,Brady yes
Thompson, Kennedy yes
Vaquero, Charlie yes
Vaquero, James yes
Velasquez, Micaela yes
Vinson, Cash no
White, Jake yes
Wisdom Chessa yes
Wuest, Jacob yes
Youngblood, Luke yes
Zachary Zeglin yes

Waiting List Rules: First come, first served. The $50 fee is non-refundable.